Who we are?

The CENTRO ALGODONERO NACIONAL (CAN), name of our association since 1938, began life over 110 years ago in 1903 in Barcelona, Spain, when a group of 38 cotton brokers and merchants founded the CENTRO ALGODONERO DE BARCELONA to promote and defend the interests of professionals in the cotton sector.

They created a set of rules to help regulate the purchase and sale of raw cotton. These have changed with time, but their aim remains the same – to lay down a safe trading environment for all concerned.

Our head office is in the same address, Via Laietana, 32, 3rd/Barcelona, since 1935, but the registered office of the Association was moved to Madrid in 1955.

CAN is an not-for-profit association, made up of all elements involved in the trade of cotton and its sub products.

We regulate all commercial cotton transactions concluded under the umbrella of the CONTRATO BARCELONA as defined by our By-laws and Rules, which contemplate the possibility of arbitration.

We wholly support the concept of sanctity of contracts and good trading practice.

We cooperate with State Agencies, Autonomous Regions and The European Union in all matters related to the supply chain of cotton.
We maintain a tight link with other foreign Cotton Associations. We are members and take an active part in CICCA (Committee for International Cooperation between Cotton Associations) together with 17 other International Cotton Associations.

We are affiliated company of ICA (International Cotton Association) and in addition, we are Founding Members of EUCOTTON (European Cotton Alliance) 

And we have been actively involved as a Signatory Association of the USDA Universal Cotton Standards for many years.

We also facilitate the analysis of cotton fiber through agreements with other laboratories, which participate in the USDA HVI Test results and the ICA BREMEN CSTIC Round Trials.